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Pondicherry University MBA Project Guidelines

The rationale behind this practical Course is to: Ø Expose you to the various operational and practical aspects of business. Ø Help you to apply the concepts learned in the theory classes & Ø Sharpen your writing skills. How to go about Project Work? Considering the importance of Project Work for an MBA program as well as the limitations in the distance learning exercise, the Directorate has drawn the following guidelines: Ø The Project should be carried out under a Guide/ Project supervisor. Ø Project can be guided by any Post Graduate degree holder with/without a Doctorate Degree working in academic institutions (Preferably teaching MBA / M Com level programmes) or Industrial Enterprises or Banks or Financial Institutions with knowledge in guiding MBA Project Work. Ø Project Work could be : l A Field Survey, l Comprehensive Case study on the functioning of a business unit/ organization, -10- -3- l Inter-organizational study, l Application of optimization techniques for business decisions, l Computer systems development for business operations Ø Choose any organization of your choice, preferably a medium sized or a large enterprise and approach its HR manager / PRO for necessary permission. Ø Description of Objectives of the Study, Methodology, Statistical data analysis and Report preparation should conform to the standard research norms. Ø Visits the selected organization & Ø Collect information either through structured questionnaire / interview schedule. Collection of information/ data needs to be done in consultation with your Project Guide. Topic / Areas of the Project Work You are advised to carry out the Project Work only in the area of your MBA specialization. The Report After collecting the necessary information from primary and secondary sources, students are advised to discuss with the Project Guide for interpretation of the data and report preparation. Your compliance with the following format may enrich the quality of the Report. Chapter I : Introduction and the Design of the study This Chapter may contain a brief background of the problem and contemporary developments thereof. Brief Review of Literature, Objectives of the study, Methodology and Sample Sample “Citation” Citation Published Journal Articles In case of Published Journal article, the logical order of citing a reference is, first authors name, title of the research paper, name of the journal, year of publication, volume number and issue number, year of publication and the pages of the said article in the given Journal. E.g.: 1. Anand, M., Ajay Arora., “Economic Value Added: Business Performance Measure of Share Holder Value”, The Management Accountant,, Vol. 25, No: 4, May 1999, p.25 2. Banerjee, Ashok and Jain S C., “Financial Variables: Measuring Performance”, Chartered Accountant, Vol. LX., No: 2, Feb 1999, pp. 65-73 Published Research Books In case of Published books the logical order is to start with author (s), year of publication, title of the book, name of the publisher, place of publication and page number referred. For example, 1. James R Gregory. (2004),“THE BEST OF BRANDING: BEST PRACTICES IN CORPORATE BRANDING”, Tata Mc Graw Hill Publishing Co Ltd, New Delhi, pp. 24-37 2. Sharma, DD.(2004), “ T O TA L QUALITY MANAGEMENT: PRINCIPLES, PRAC- TICE AND CASES”, Sultan Chand & Sons, New Delhi, pp. 312 325 -4- -9- selection, Research Design, Period of the study, sources of data, tools of data collection, Statistical analysis, broad hypotheses, limitations, etc. on the chosen topic establishing the need for the study on a scientific basis is desirable. Chapter II: Profile of the Study Unit This Chapter should contain the profile of the Company/ Industry relating to the topic of the Project. Chapter III: Empirical Results / Data analysis & Discussion relating to Objectives Logical presentation of the results of the study presented in tables, graphs and figures, if any, along with necessary interpretation forms part of this chapter. It can be given in two chapters also. Chapter IV: Summary and Conclusion The focus of this chapter is on broad observations made by the student against each objective specified in Chapter I, along with major conclusions drawn by the study. Appropriate suggestions for the policy makers / managers on future course of action are appreciated. Bibliography Every Project work should contain a list of books consulted for the topic studied. Research Reports, list of published research articles/ papers and popular books in the field of study may be documented in standard pattern. Whenever information /data is drawn from internet sources, please give the websites referred. Sample “Table of Contents” Table of Contents Acknowledgements Page No. Executive Summary List of Tables List of Figures I. Introduction and Design of the study 1.1 Concept Introduction 1.2 Problem of Study 1.3 Scope and Significance 1.4 Brief Review of Studies 1.5 Objectives of the Study 1.6 Research Design 1.7 Chapter Plan II. Profile of the Study Unit III. Analysis relating to Objective I IV. Analysis relating to Objective II V. Summary of Findings and Conclusion Appendices Bibliography Questionnaire Schedules -8- -5- Annexure Every Project Report should contain necessary annexure such as Proforma of Questionnaire/ Interview Schedule. Print Specifications The subject matter organized as above has to be neatly typed (with one and half line space) and submitted in hard bound form. You can type on both the sides of the page (back to back). Use only A4 size paper and the report may be within the range of 70 -100 pages. Cover Page and Certificates The Cover page of the Report must contain the title of the report, name of the student, program of study, enrolment number, etc. Every Project Report should contain : a) Declaration by the student stating that the said report has not formed part of any other degree / diploma and is a bonafide work carried out by the candidate. b) A certificate from the Project Guide on his/her letter head stating that the said work is original and the candidate has done under his/her supervision. Submission of the Project Report One printed copy of the PROJECT REPORT has be to be submitted to: The Controller of Examinations, Pondicherry University, Puducherry 605 014 by Registered post in a cover superscripted “Project Report DDE- MBA”. The Project Report should reach the Controller of Examinations within 15 days after the last examination of your forth Semester. Sample “Student's Declaration” Students' Declaration I, Mr./Ms ……….......…...…….…. hereby declare that the Project Work titled “Consumer Brand Preferences with regard to Decorative Paints (A comparative study of Asian Paints and Berger Paints)” is the original work done by me and submitted to the Pondicherry University in partial fulfilment of requirements for the award of Master of Business Administration in ……….........……….…. (Area of specialisation) is a record of original work done by me under the supervision of Dr/ Mr. Sri ……….......…….…….…. of ………......…..……….…. (Organization of the guide) Enrolment No : Date : Signature of the Student -6- -7- Sample title page Consumer Brand Preferences with Regard to Decorative Paints (A Comparative Study of Asian Paints and Berger Paints) Project Report (A Report Submitted in Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements for the Degree of Master of Business Administration in Pondicherry University) Submitted by Mr./ Ms : ...................................................................... Enrolment No : ...................................................................... MBA : ...................................................................... Project Supervisor (Guide Name) (Designation) Directorate of Distance Education Pondicherry University Pondicherry 605 014 (Year of Submission) Sample “Certificate of the Guide” Certificate of the Guide This is to certify that the Project Work titled “ Consumer Brand Preferences with regard to Decorative Paints ( A Comparative study of Asian Paints and Berger Paints)” is a bonafide work of Mr./ Ms………………………….. Enroll No:…………….. Carried out in partial fulfilment for the award of degree of MBA:……………………. (specialisation) of Pondicherry University under my guidance. This project work is original and not submitted earlier for the award of any degree / diploma or associateship of any other University / Institution. Signature of the Guide Guide's seal* Place : Date : * For Academic Guide - Guide's seal should contain Name, Designation & Official address * For Industrial Guide Seal should contain Name, Academic Qualification, Designation & Official Address or the certificate should be in the official letter head.,

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