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Finance Projects suggested for OU CDE MBA

Project on FCNR Accounts in Banks
Project on Derivatives trading
Project on Online trading of futures and options
Project on Commodity derivatives
Project on Educational loans from public sector banks
Project on Personal loans in private sector banks
Project on Self Help groups and micro finance
Project on Liberalization and exports
Project on American Depository receipts
Project on Global Depository receipts
Project on Retail Lending
Project on Availability & Utilisation of Bank Finance for Working Capital Needs
Project on Study of variations in the price level of essential commodities and their effect on the public.
Project on Study of stock broking operations in Hyderabad Stock Exchange(HSE)
Project on Children’s Savings Schemes - A comparative study of schemes offered by selected banks.
Project on Informal Mutual Credit Association - A study of informal chit funds.
Project on study of Cost Control Techniques of two manufacturing units
Project on Financial Structure of two/three Advertising Agencies in the Twin cities.
Project on Issue of season tickets by the RTC - A Cost Benefit Analysis.
Project on Working of Housing Finance Companies
Project on SEBI and Investor Protection
Project on Portfolio Management Practices
Project on Problems of stock brokers vis-a-vis the share transfers
Project on Performance of Non-Banking Finance Companies
Project on Problems and Prospects of Non-Banking Finance Companies
Project on Management of Non-Banking Finance Companies
Project on Policies and practices of Lease Accounting
Project on Financial Services - Growth and Development
Project on Emerging Trends in Merchant Banking
Project on Trends in Mutual Funds - A case study
Project on Working Capital Management in Small Scale Units
Project on Sources and Applications of Funds - A case study
Project on Impact of Liberalisation on Capital Market
Project on Impact of Financial Sector Reforms on Banking Sector
Project on Problems and Prospects of Venture Capital - A case study
Project on Dividend Policies and Practices
Project on Working of National Stock Exchange
Project on Working of SEs in India
Project on Effect of Liberalisation on Savings and Investments in India
Project on Effect of changes in Monetary Policy on the performance of NBFCs
Project on Liberalisation and the Recent Trends in Financial Intermediation
Project on Role of HDFC in providing Housing Finance to middle and high income
Project on Working of Auto Finance Companies
Project on case study. Mergers and Acquisitions in India
Project on Role of Institutional and small investors in Capital Markets in India.
Project on Status of Equity Research in India
Project on Sickness in Small Scale Units - A study
Project on Issue Management
Project on Liberalisation and Integration of Financial Markets
Project on Management Control Systems - A case study
Project on Performance of Multi National Companies (MNC’s) A study
Project on Current Swaps: An Instrument of International Finance
Project on Foreign Direct Investments
Project on Fostering Investor Confidence - Some Implications
Project on National Depository System
Project on The Changing Role of Commercial Banks in India
Project on Insider Trading - Effects on Stock Returns
Project on Equity Share Valuation : A study of Pharmaceutical/Cement/ Textiles

Project on Equity Investment and Economic growth in India

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