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Project on Leadership Styles

This article describes what is a Leadership style and different leadership styles like Authoritarian (autocratic), Participative (democratic), Delegative (free reign), Use of Consideration, Structure and have a good control over the employees to reach an effective leadership. This study focuses on the concept and characteristics of leadership and the responsibilities of a leader. It also illustrates and identifies the different leadership styles and their applicability in Indian organizations. In today's organization, most of the work is done in a team and to manage the team in an effective manner the right choice is required. It has been observed that at times due to the failure of using right kind of leadership style managers have to face various challenges and ultimately it becomes hard to improve productivity even with the best of work force. The aim of this study is to report the findings of an empirical study comparing the relationship between leadership style and employee motivation, commitment and stress for employees reporting to either project managers or line managers. The results show that although team leaders are not perceived as less transformational, the relationships between leadership and outcomes tend to be less strong for employees reporting to team leaders. Implications for future research on leadership in the project context are explored. The survey followed Simple random sampling technique to find out the views of the employees about their team leader in the organization.

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