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Project on Job Analysis

Job analysis is a systematic approach to defining the job role, description, requirements, responsibilities, evaluation, etc. It helps in finding out required level of education, skills, knowledge, training, etc for the job position. It also depicts the job worth i.e. measurable effectiveness of the job and contribution of job to the organization. Thus, it effectively contributes to setting up the compensation package for the job position. A method of performing job analyses and delivering or providing access to the results of the job analyses by creating a list of job requirements and working conditions for each discrete task of a job, creating a physical demands analysis comprising a list of physical requirements of each discrete task of a job, and combining the lists into a job analysis database for determining whether a worker can perform a job.

The purpose of the project that led to this report has been to provide with as much information from the job analysis as possible, in as user-friendly a format as possible, for such organizational use. To facilitate use of these materials, examples of application for three different personnel activities have been developed and are included in this report. Applications of the job analysis results are presented for job description/classification, for employee selection, and for employee performance appraisal. The job analysis project approach and research results are also summarized.

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