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Project on E Recruitment

Nearly every large enterprise today has an HRMS (Human Resource Management System) in place. But in today’s knowledge economy, employees are a company’s greatest asset and are key to staying ahead of the competition. Technology plays a vital role in day-to-day activities. And this inturn made great changes in many work fields and out of them recruitment process is one that changed lot of colors in their systematic approaches. The computer based recruitment system is to replace manual operations of recruitment of an IT company. As recruitment is a round the year activity involving thousands of candidates a need has been felt to automate the entire operations. 

Applications are collected in a prescribed format and checked for eligibility. All eligible candidates are sent Admit cards for the selection test. The test in three areas-Aptitude ,Verbal and technical skills. The results are compiled and presented to management to decide the cut-offs for interviews. Based on the selection criteria decided by management interview letters are generated. The system should  provide for queries and management reports during the recruitment process. Respondents also noted pressure to compete with rival companies to source top talent, as well as access to open Internet job boards and private talent portals. The solution can be found in an increasingly important component of HCM (Human Capital Management) software: a comprehensive e-recruitment offering.

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