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Project on Employee Recognition

All employees like to be recognized and appreciated.  An employee recognition program can be the key to motivating employees and infusing a healthy dose of creativity into an otherwise “stale” corporate culture.   Traditionally, recognition programs were viewed as a “nice thing” for companies to do.  Today, companies are thinking about recognition more strategically and aligning their employee recognition programs with their business goals.  Large employers have added “employee recognition” sections to their websites to inform prospective employees about incentive and reward programs.  Some recruiting firms encourage applicants to ask employers at job interviews about whether they have a formal recognition program and how they encourage or reward employees.  In addition, the number of recognition strategy/services firms, employee recognition program vendors, and corporate rewards/corporate loyalty sponsors has dramatically increased in the past twenty years.
Employee recognition has been defined in different ways, but one commonality seems to emerge despite differences in the literature regarding this topic: Recognition is a judgment. It is a judgment that is expressed (not just issued), felt, and experienced by the various actor-subjects in the workplace. This judgment should consider actual work accomplished and what it involves (knowledge, theoretical).

Employee recognition programs, when developed and administered appropriately, can improve communication between employees and management, as well as increase employee loyalty by giving employees more of a stake in their company’s success.

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