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Employee Discipline

Discipline means systematically conducting the business by the organizational members who strictly adhere to the essential rules and regulations. These employees/organizational members work together as a team so as to achieve organizational mission as well as vision and they truly understand that the individual and group aims and desires must be matched so as to ensure organizational success.
A disciplined employee will be organized and an organized employee will be disciplined always. Employee behavior is the base of discipline in an organization. Discipline implies confirming with the code of conduct established by the organization. Discipline in an organization ensures productivity and efficiency. It encourages harmony and co-operation among employees as well as acts as a morale booster for the employees. In absence of discipline, there will be chaos, confusion, corruption and disobedience in an organization.
In short, discipline implies obedience, orderliness and maintenance of proper subordination among employees. Work recognition, fair and equitable treatment of employees, appropriate salary structure, effective grievance handling and job-security all contribute to organizational discipline.
Definition of employee discipline,“Progressive discipline- step-by-step program designed to correct performance problems, not merely compliance problems”.
Ø      “Hot Stove” discipline- an immediate, consistent, and impersonal response to a behavior with warning.
Ø      Oral reprimands- verbal interaction between the employee and supervisor when they discuss the problem behaviors and expectations to change the behaviors.

Ø      Written reprimands- documentation between employee and supervisor if the behavior continues or if an employee commits a serious offense.

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