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Project on Organisational Culture

The main aim of this research is to evaluate an organizational culture based primary characteristics to identify it. Organizational culture is commonly known as the values, beliefs and basic assumptions that help guide and coordinate member behaviors. Developing a better understanding of the organizational culture in which a quality improvement process is implemented can provide insight into what strategies an organization might undertake to improve readiness for implementation. The overall purpose is to identify the organizational culture, define the strengths and weaknesses, and provide recommendations for methodology of organizational change, teambuilding, and resolution of cultural conflict.

 Organizational culture has been one of the most studied and theorized concepts in organizational development. New ways of working, globalization, increased competition and change in technology have created a greater need for strategic innovation and co-ordination and integration across units. Culture is the single most important factor for success or failure and has the greatest potential to affect organizational improvements or hold it back. In order to implement strategic initiatives or performance improvement interventions, it is important that an organization understands the current status of its organizational culture. The best way to gain understanding of the culture is by assessing it .The Survey measures four culture traits, namely, involvement, consistency, adaptability and mission. Descriptive and inferential statistics were used to analyze the data. Results indicated that employees perceived involvement, consistency, adaptability and mission positively. Furthermore, there were no significant differences found for consistency and sense of mission by employees in different departments. This study helps in identifying the weaker aspects of culture in terms of values and beliefs that prevail in the organization.


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