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Project on Equity Analysis of Telecom Sector

The Telecom Sector, one of the core sectors, has undergone metamorphosis in the light of liberalization and globalization. The sector seems to be optimistic of posting strong growth in the couple of years in the view of a reasonable surge in demand.

The field of equity research is very vast and one has to look into various aspects of the functioning of the company to get to any conclusion about the possible performance of the company in the market. Investors like warren buffet made a fortune out of investments in the stock market, which is quiet impossible without proper research about the companies. The field of equity research is full of challenges. It is your door to fame, fortune and, above all, professional challenge. In a world that is shrinking in size due to information technology and blurring boundaries between nations, the stock market (or the equities market), which is considered to be in its infant stage, is all set to grow in size.

An economy-industry-company (E.I.C) approach has been followed under Fundamental Analysis which covers effect of Recession, the impact of inflation, FDI’s, Export, and GDP etc. on Telecom Sector. The Industry Analysis has been done with the help of SWOT analysis and industry life cycle. For Company Analysis as a part of Fundamental tool I have undertaken with the comparative analysis of Bharti Airtel, Tata Teleservices and AGC Networks along with the help of ratio analysis. The fundamental aspect consists of financial and Non-Financial analysis of these companies.

The reason behind choosing this project is that it provides hands on experience with what goes on in the stock market on a day-to-day basis. Some value investors only look at present assets/earnings and don't place any value on future growth. Other value investors base strategies completely around the estimation of future growth and cash flows. Despite the different methodologies, it all comes back to trying to buy something for less than its worth.

At the end conclusion and recommendations have been specified so as to make the project work more meaningful and purposeful.

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