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Project on Employee Induction Program

The research project focussed on the effectiveness of an induction programme for newly appointed staff.The main aim of the study was to investigate the perceptions of educators with regard to the effectiveness of the induction programme for newly appointed employees. The key findings of the research were that newly appointed employees experienced various problems. The study also explored experiences faced by newly appointed employees. The challenges arise from the lack of an effective induction programme.

 These problems resulted in poor productivity among newly appointed employees. The empirical component underpinned the review and analysis of the effectiveness of an induction programme for newly-appointed employees as they adjust to their entry into the organization. The study also investigated the high turnover (employee attrition) among newly appointed employees as well as the possible solutions which can be implemented.

The survey method was used to administer the questionnaire to all 45 target respondents using the personal method. The study adopted the quantitative research method with precoded close ended questions. The personal method was used to administer the questionnaire to all 100 target respondent and in this way a high response rate of 100% was obtained. An important finding in this regard was that the induction programme was not evaluated and improved frequently. The induction programme should ensure that new employees are treated with dignity and are allowed the opportunity to display their strengths and the knowledge they bring to their new College by implementing an effective induction programme.

Arising out of the empirical analysis the researcher has recommended and developed a set of guidelines which could be used in developing an effective induction programme. The study concludes with directions for future research to expand on the body of knowledge in this field

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