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Project on Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is an important element in the evaluation stage, where in satisfaction refers to the buyer’s state of being adequately rewarded in a buying situation. Once the customers purchase and use the product they may then either be satisfy or dissatisfied. Today’s market is a highly competitive market with respect to all of its prospects like company could not sell their products/services at an attractive price and sales promotion strategies.


Today’s market is buyer oriented where the customer is considered the king. He has full power to choose the desired product according to his needs and wants. His preference is most important. Because of the huge competition, every stock broker wants to survive in the market and earn profit. This is possible only when the products/services offered are according to the preferences of the customers and meet their expectations. Different customers have different perceptions because no two customers have similar wants and needs. Hence a company needs to analyze the customer satisfactions, which helps in retaining them.

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