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Project on Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is the consumers’ ability to recognize or recall (identify) the brand within a given product category in sufficient detail to make a purchase decision. This also means that the consumers can propose, recommend, choose, or use the brand. The objectives of most advertising campaign are to create and maintain brand preference. The first step is to make potential consumers aware of a brands’ existence. One of the prominent goals of any business should be to build brand image and awareness of its product, albeit in as cost – effective manner as possible. Consumer tends to make purchasing decision based on peer recommendation and direct experience, as well traditional advertising methods.

Brand awareness is an important way of promoting commodity-related products. This is because for these products, there are very few factors that differentiate one product from its competitors. Therefore the product that maintains the highest brand awareness compared to its competitors will usually get the most sales. Having knowledge of the existence of a brand because brand awareness is considered the first step in the sale, the primary goal of some advertising campaigns is simply to make the target market aware that a particular brand exists. Often, this effort alone will sell the product (or service).

The project aims towards increasing the brand awareness since its one of the effective tool to effect the final purchase decision and the volume of sales. I had used the topic to find out or measure the brand awareness level among the customers and the ways to increase its awareness.

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