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Project on Quality of Work Life

QWL provides for the balanced relationship among work, non- work and family aspects of life. In other words, family life and social life should not be strained by working hours including overtime work, work during inconvenient hours, business travel, transfers, vacations, etc. This study quantifies the effects of Quality of Work Life (QWL) on employees. It aims to gain an insight into current working life policies and practices, as well as work-life balance issues of employees.
Several notable factors that influence quality of work life are:
• Adequate and Fair Compensation
• Safe and Healthy Working Conditions
• Opportunity to Use and Develop Human Capabilities
• and Opportunity for Career Growth etc…
Quality of work life refers to the level of happiness or dissatisfaction with one’s career. Those who enjoy their careers are said to have a high quality of work life, while those who are unhappy or whose needs are otherwise unfilled are said to have a low quality of work life.

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