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Project on Portfolio Management

Portfolio management is a process of encompassing many activities of investment assets and securities. It is a dynamic and flexible concept and involves regular and systematic analysis, judgment, and action. A combination of securities held together will give a beneficial result if they grouped in a manner to secure higher returns after taking into consideration the risk elements.

The main objective of the Portfolio management is to help the investors to make wise choice between alternate investments without a post trading shares. Any portfolio management must specify the objectives like Maximum returns, Optimum Returns, Capital appreciation, Safety etc., in the same prospectus.

This service renders optimum returns to the investors by proper selection and continuous shifting of portfolio from one scheme to another scheme of from one plan to another plan within the same scheme.

The study gives the returns offered by the companies of various securities are compared and conclusions are brought out which produces large and better portfolio combinations for the investors.


  1. Portfolio management is a process of building a profile with your achievements of your field. For portfolio management people rush to the market because they are unable to do so. In the financial systems management the portfolio management is one of the important point.