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Project on Human Resource Information Systems

In today’s world, HR is the utmost important department. In last decade the HR managers used to look after the employees welfare and safety in the organization but as the competitiveness is increasing, the contribution of ideas and business development is also in the hands of HR. The team is working for various companies to provide them cost effective solutions for business development.

HRM (Human resources management) refers to practices and policies framed for the management of human resources in an organization, including recruiting, screening, rewarding and appraising.”
• Success in the human resources profession requires fast and easy access to information and that requires an automated HR information management system.

• Selecting an HRIS is a major decision. Getting approval for such a system is often difficult. The guidelines and worksheets that follow are designed to assist HR professionals in putting together the facts, the figures, and the presentation to convince senior management that the expenditure for an HRIS makes sense.
• An HRIS generally should provide the capability to more effectively plan, control, and manage HR costs; achieve improved efficiency and quality in HR decision making; and improve employee and managerial productivity and effectiveness.


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