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Project on HR Policies & Practices

HRM (Human resources management) refers to practices and policies framed for the management of human resources in an organization, including recruiting, screening, rewarding and appraising.”
For any business to run one needs four M’s, namely
  • Man,
  • Money,
  • Machine and
  • Material.
Managing other three resources other than men, are easy to handle. Men are very difficult to handle because no two human beings are similar in all way. Handling humans is more important for any business because human being have crucial potential that may be very profitable for the business. And these potential can be developed to an unlimited extent if they are provided with proper environment.
Proficient HR management consulting can enhance the efficiency of business houses and result in considerable savings, in terms of both time and money. HR consulting supports businesses in refinement their human resource processes.
General HR policies:
• Manpower Planning
• Recruitment & Selection
• Compensation Structure
• Leave Policy
• Induction and Placement
• Coordination
• Employees Issues
• HR Audit
• Training
• Performance appraisal
• Motivation
• Transfers
• Labor welfare
General HR Practices:
• Safe, Healthy & Happy Workplace
• Open Book Management Style
• Performance Linked Bonuses
• 360-Degree Performance Management Feedback System
• Fair Evaluation System for Employees
• Knowledge Sharing
• Highlight Performers
• Open House Discussions & Feedback Mechanisms
• Reward Ceremonies
• Delight Employees with the Unexpected

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