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Project on Financial Performance Analysis

Finance is the life-blood of business. It is rightly termed as the science of money. Finance is very essential for the smooth running of the business. Finance controls the policies, activities and decision of every business.
“Finance is that business activity which is concerned with the organization and conversation of capital funds in meeting financial needs and overall objectives of a business enterprise.”- Wheeler

Financial management is that managerial activity which is concerned with the planning and controlling of a firm financial reserve. Financial management as an academic discipline has undergone fundamental changes as regards its scope and coverage. In the early years of its evolution it was treated synonymously with the raising of funds. In the current literature pertaining to this growing academic discipline, a broader scope so as to include in addition to procurement of funds, efficient use of resources is universally recognized. Financial analysis can be defined as a study of relationship between many factors as disclosed by the statement and the study of the trend of these factors. The objective of financial analysis is the pinpointing of strength and weakness of a business undertaking by regrouping and analyzing of figures obtained from financial statement and balance sheet by the tools and techniques of management accounting. Financial analysis is as the final step of accounting that result in the presentation of final and the exact data that helps the business managers, creditors and investors.

Financial performance is an important aspect which influences the long term stability, profitability and liquidity of an organization. The Evaluation of financial performance using Comparative Balance Sheet Analysis, Common Size Balance Sheet Analysis, Trend Analysis and Ratio Analysis had been taken up for the study with “IIFL Ltd” as the project. Analysis of Financial performance is of greater assistance in locating the weak spots at the IIFL Ltd even though the overall performance may be satisfactory.