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Marketing Projects suggested for OU CDE MBA

Project report on “New Product Research” (with Power back up system)
Project on channels of Distribution for refrigerators
Project on Marketing opportunities for Laptop computers in India
Project on study of product attributes preferences of the customers Of LCVS
Project on Study of the Distribution System
Project on Market Potential Study for Export Oriented Industries
Project on study of Super Markets/Hyper markets/Malls with special emphasis on Consumer attitude
Project on Evaluation for Consumer awareness of Watches
Project on the effectiveness of any consumer products Advertising Campaign
Project on Buyer behaviour - A Study of Televisions
Project Report on Product positioning of watches
Project on study of MIS in a company dealing with Industrial goods
Project on Competitors Marketing Strategies of Refrigerators
Project on “New Product Launch” - A case study on cool Drinks
Project on Formulation of Advertising Plan for a Consumer Product
Project on Market Potential for Mosquito Repellents - A Market Survey
Project on Importance of Dealers in Placements Promotion of Electrical Home Appliances
Project on advertisement impact on Consumers with reference to EMCG Industries
Project on Marketing Management practices in Industries
Project on Consumer attitude towards colour TV’s and evaluation of Advertising strategies by manufacturers
Project on Effect of media on advertising-like TV, Magazines and newspapers
Project on Survey of Black and White TV’s with reference to popular brands
Project on Consumer buying behaviour on different consumer product companies
Project on Product positioning of select Consumer products
Project on Study on Service Industry on their Marketing strategies
Study of Consumer satisfaction with reference to ceramic industries
Study on Hospitality of Modern Hotels-and their Marketing strategies
Growth of Super Markets’” - multi-specialty shops with reference to retail outlets
Project on Survival strategies of companies to compete with MNC’s
Project on Study of Brand Loyalty among customers
Project on Consumer satisfaction is a Aim and Goal of today’s marketers a case study of any products (Durables/ Non-Durables)
Project on Marketing strategy of various Airline operators
Project on Study of surplus distribution of selected companies
Project on Growth and development of cable TV networks
Project on Marketing strategies of any private sector and public sector organizations
Project on Marketing health care products
Project on Rural marketing strategies of goods like radio FM radios
Project on Marketing dairy products- a study of Vijaya/Heritage
Project on Direct Marketing strategies of various companies like vacuum cleaners, fitness equipment etc
Project on A study of Tele Marketing, Internet marketing of various domestic products
Project on Marketing strategies of various regional Edible oil brands
Project on Marketing strategies of various net-work marketing companies
Project on Marketing strategies of private life Insurance companies
Project on Marketing strategies of Auto financing companies
Project on Marketing strategies of Two wheeler’s- a study of motor cycles
Project on Market potential on Medical Insurance offered by various banks-a case study
Project on study of health tourism
Project on study of consumer preferences towards various holiday resorts
Project on study on soft toys market-a case study
Project on case study of geysers market or water purifiers
Project on case study of Branded PC’s versus Assembled PC’s
Project on study of consumer durables- with reference white goods such as AC’s and Washing machines
Project on Marketing of life products like jewellery
Project on study of growing small car market in Hyderabad city

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