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mba project on export finance

FINANCE IS THE LIFE AND BLOOD OF ANY BUSINESS. Success or failure of any export order mainly depends upon the finance available to execute the order. Nowadays export finance is gaining great significance in the field of international finance.

Many Nationalized as well as Private Banks are taking measures to help the exporter by providing them pre-shipment and post- shipment finance at subsidized rate of interest. Some of the major financial institutions are EXIM Bank, RBI, and other financial institutions and banks. EXIM India is the major bank in the field of export and import of India. It has introduced various schemes like forfeiting, FREPEC Scheme, etc.

Even Government is taking measures to help the exporters to execute their export orders without any hassles. Government has introduced schemes like Duty Entitlement Pass Book Scheme, Duty free Materials, setting up of Export Promotion Zones and Export Oriented Units, and other scheme promoting export and import in India. Initially the Indian exporter had to face many hurdles for executing an export order, but over the period these hurdles have been removed by the government to smoothen the procedure of export and import in India.

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